Amorah is an amazing healer and acupuncturist. Her office is located in La Jolla  and has such a serene and healing atmosphere. She utilizes sound therapy, essential oils, and each treatment bed has heat and  a mattress of compressed crystals. She is truly gifted at getting in touch with her clients on a deep level.  Her empathic skills and acupuncturist  expertise are so beneficial for healing. I am so fortunate that she is on my insurance plan … I really feel blessed!!! She has helped me with energy, thyroid, and gut health.  Also back pain and hormone balancing. With her treatments I have lost 40 pounds and got my mojo back. Each treatment with Amorah had a profound  impact. She is one in a million!!! – Heidi S.

It was my first experience with acupuncture and it won’t be my last one. I came to Amorah with a very concrete emotional problem. And once I told her what the matter was I didn’t have to say anything else. She customized every aspect of the treatment for me to make sure the benefits are maximized. Moreover I felt guided by Amorah’s strong healing energy for the rest of my week. I absolutely recommended to visit Amorah if you are experiencing any kind of emotional distress. Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of well being. You won’t regret it. – Elena B.

wonderworks-jackieTop 3 best life decisions I’ve ever made. Going to Wonderworks Healing Arts for acupuncture and seeing Amorah is a weekly staple for me- her healing touch helps me manage stress, minor aches and pains, keeps my immune system strong and most importantly has encouraged a personal transformation that seeps into every aspect of my life. Amorah is a holistic healer in the truest sense of the word. She supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing and I am not exaggerating when I say I have GROWN as a PERSON in the last 6 months I have been under her loving & genuine care. I never thought I’d try acupuncture but after seeing her passion at a networking event, I decided to try her services- I was hooked. She is inviting, very approachable and I highly recommend her to people who haven’t tried acupuncture yet are curious- she is very gentle! No pain!! – Lauren S.

If you want to relax and feel better all the time, Amorah is the person to see! She is great at acupuncture, but it is much more than that. She has great energy and knows what is going on with you by asking only a few questions and mostly by observation. Before going to Amorah, I had headaches usually in groups – I would have a headache for 2 to 4 days in a row. Now, I rarely have one and I am sure will not have them at all with her continuing care. I leave a session feeling very relaxed, but also ready to take on anything! – Jeff S.

wonderworks-jackieI moved to the area last summer from Boston and was looking to find an acupuncturist to treat some back and shoulder problems. My past experience with practices was that they were very clinical in nature…what’s the problem, here’s the number of visits we think you’ll need, etc. Nothing wrong with that in that the treatments were successful overall. Amorah is a different story. Not only is she exceptional in what I described above, but she does honestly have a gift for bringing out the best in mind and spirit. That may sound like a cliche, but I’ve found it to be the truth. I’d give her six stars if I could. – Steve O.

wonderworks-jackieAmorah is such a bright light on this planet! Her ability to care for me and sense where and how I’m struggling is amazing. She really is a gifted and intuitively natural healer. She is extremely personable and really easy to talk to about ANYTHING! After seeing her weekly for several months I really noticed a difference with my ability to keep calm in difficult situations and love myself and others. She comes from a place of love which has helped me transmit that energy to others. Amorah is a must see! – Jacke S.

gil-testimonial-headshotv-200x200I have to sincerely say that Amorah Kelly is the epitome of holistic healing. Her passionate and warm approach to personal healing, brings strength to the body, clarity to the mind and enlightenment to the spirit. I see Amorah for treatment of high blood pressure, lower back pain and over all wellness. For quite some time, my blood pressure was through the roof; with no hope of medication resolving it. After the first two acupuncture treatments with Amorah; my blood pressure astonishingly came down to normal healthy levels. Recently I suffered a lower back injury as a reoccurring injury to herniated discs. I was simply amazed when I stood up from the table shortly after a localized acupuncture treatment and there was no pain. I do not make this up! I am convinced that Amorah is my primary health care provider. – Gil

jim-180x180Amorah is a gifted healer who radiates joy and positive energy. She treats patients through acupuncture, as well as a unique sensitivity to one’s mind, body, spirit connection. During my 1st treatment, Amorah noticed my voice seemed scratchy, and said she could bring back a more natural and deeper tone. Sure enough … mission accomplished! Also, I’m pleased to say after 5 sessions, Amorah “unlocked” my ankle injured 30 years ago, so that it can now move laterally and without pain! – Jim

Amorah was an instrumental part of my IVF process. The treatments alleviated most of my stress, which I believe greatly contributed to me becoming pregnant on my first cycle. –

Diana's-family_NewsletterAmorah is a very talented acupuncturist and energy healer! The environment that she creates in her practice is peaceful and spiritual, and I always feel like I am in a safe place when I am in her presence. She instinctively knows where to focus her healing, and it makes a tremendous difference both physically and spiritually. I highly recommend Amorah! – Dana

Amorah has created a healing environment where one can leave the worries and stress outside the door and receive the benefits of this ancient practice. Her intuitive skills bring an added value to her practice of acupunture. Amorah has helped me with my sugar addiction and asthma! – Cheryl

arielle Amorah Kelly is a gifted acunpuncturist and healer who has helped me immensely with headaches, TMJ, and other ailments. Her deep level of care and insight, along with her high level of skill make her the best I’ve ever found. I am grateful to have her on my healing team. – Arielle

I rarely write reviews about practitioners, but when they’re this good I have to because you need to know…Amorah is such a blessing in so many ways that my entire being craves her healing treatments. Since a major spine injury when I was only 8 yrs. old, I’ve been going to natural healers of all modalities including Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture doctors, so my body knows a good healer when I feel one! Amorah’s Chi and intuitive knowing magnifies the experience, especially if you’re a healer yourself or sensitive to energy like I am. She’s helped my body recover from walking pneumonia, intense nervous system trauma, and is working to relieve chronic pain from intense neck and back injuries, speaking of which, I need to get to my appointment! – Anna

steve foxAmorah Kelly’s acupuncture has helped me to de-stress and relieve chronic pain. She has played an important role in my overcoming carpal tunnel syndrome. She is naturally intuitive, and I find myself often surprised when she mentions she will work on an area that I wanted treated BEFORE I even have a chance to tell her. Acupuncture also strengthens my immune system – I haven’t had a cold all winter! – Steve

steve and marilyn testimonial
Amorah Kelly has amazing energy. My body, mind and spirit are so nurtured in her presence. Each time I am fortunate enough to have a treatment with Amorah, my life goes to the next level. – Steve

I have been going to Amorah Kelly for several years. She is a truly gifted Angel on the planet. To all who are considering a visit to her; please give generously to yourself by experiencing Amorah’s gifts today. – Marilyn