Amorah Kelly

L.Ac., M.S., O.M.


Amorah Kelly, L.Ac.,M.S., O.M., is a state and nationally licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist. She studied acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica at Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine and in San Diego at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she graduated with honors. She has a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and is also an Ordained Spiritualist Minister.

Amorah is passionate and devoted to helping people improve the quality of their life by balancing body, mind, and spirit. She is a gifted intuitive, empathic healer with 30 years experience. She is the proud mother of twin sons and lives in La Jolla.

Acupuncture, Oriental medicine, massage, and energy healing services provided by Amorah Kelly, L.Ac., M.S., Wonderworks Healing Arts located in La Jolla in San Diego County.

Voted best in La Jolla and San Diego.

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 Popular Wellness Packages 


Smoking Cessation

Bi-weekly healing sessions are recommended to quit smoking. An acupuncture detox procedure is used to balance the organ system to help break the addictive pattern in the brain. This also helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, anger, anxiety, and fatigue. Cravings are reduced as well as potential weight gain. Oriental medicine supplements and life style recommendations are encouraged. Establishing a meditation practice, exercise program and new healthily habits, helps create a healthy body and mind.

Closeup of a young woman measuring her waist in the bathroom

Weight Loss

Weekly acupuncture sessions help reestablish hormonal imbalances and reduce inflammation necessary for weight loss helping you look and feeling better. By stimulating endorphin release, the body’s natural “feel good” hormone, this helps calm, ground, and transform your body, mind and spirit. Food allergies are addressed, as well as detox programs. Life style changes, exercise, and meditation, are encouraged to create greater self-confidence. Oriental medicine supplements are available.