Energy Healing

Energy healing removes stagnation and dis-ease by creating a smooth flow of energy, called Qi in Oriental medicine, throughout the body. Amorah Kelly is a gifted empathic healer who can “feel” imbalances in energy flow. Her hands-on energy healing is included in acupuncture sessions to increase the healing effects of other Oriental medicine modalities. Patients experience pain and stress relief and enhanced vitality when the smooth flow of Qi energy is restored through these sessions.

La Jolla San Diego Energy Healing Center

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are used in healing sessions to create deep states of relaxation and wellness.  The body’s natural neurological response is proven to assist in entering states of deep relaxation and breakthrough energy blocks to enhance healing.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are an important component of Oriental medicine. Individualized consultations on developing healthy habits such as exercise, meditation, breathing practices, work/ play balance, finding rest and relaxation, and making healthy food choices critical to creating and maintaining health are included in sessions.