Fire Element Welcoming Room

healing rooms fire room

Fire room is a warm and welcoming place to transition into your healing, let go of stress, and take a breath. Patients are encouraged to choose their own healing room and relax.

Features of Fire Element

  • Heart/Small Intestine
  • Joy/Anxiety
  • Growth Energy
  • Summer/Heat
  • Red/Bitter

Earth Element Healing Room

healing rooms earth room

Earth Room has grounding, supportive energy with a custom solid crystal table full of healing stones. This creates a greater healing experience, clearing stuck energy which causes pain in the body.

Crystal Table

healing rooms Crystal Table

Custom solid crystal table to enhance the healing process.

Features of Earth Element

  • Spleen/Stomach
  • Meditation/Worry
  • Transformation Energy
  • Late Summer/Dampness
  • Yellow/Sweet




Features of Wood Element

  • Liver/Gallbladder
  • Clarity & Patience / Anger & Confusion
  • Growth & Rebirth
  • Spring/Renewal
  • Green/Sour

Water Element Healing Room

healing rooms water room

Water Room has a bio-mat full of turmaline and amethyst healing stones to uplift and ground energy with a negative ion heating element to create greater healing.

Features of Water Element

  • Kidney/Bladder
  • Faith/Fear
  • Storing Energy
  • Winter/Cold
  • Black/Salty

Air Element Healing Room

healing rooms Air Room

Air Room has a healing magnate pad to ground and encourage deep rest to lighten the spirit for rejuvenation.

Features of Air Element

  • Lung/Large Intestines
  • Grief/Letting Go
  • Reaping Energy
  • Autumn/Dryness
  • White/Pungent