Fire Element Welcoming Room

fire room 600x268

Fire room is a warm and welcoming place to transition into your healing, let go of stress, and take a breath. Patients are encouraged to choose their own healing room and relax.

Features of Fire Element

  • Heart/Small Intestine
  • Joy/Anxiety
  • Growth Energy
  • Summer/Heat
  • Red/Bitter

Earth Element Healing Room

earth room 600x268

Earth Room has grounding, supportive energy with a custom solid crystal table full of healing stones. This creates a greater healing experience, clearing stuck energy which causes pain in the body.

Crystal Table

Crystal Table 600x268

Custom solid crystal table to enhance the healing process.

Features of Earth Element

  • Spleen/Stomach
  • Meditation/Worry
  • Transformation Energy
  • Late Summer/Dampness
  • Yellow/Sweet




Features of Wood Element

  • Liver/Gallbladder
  • Clarity & Patience / Anger & Confusion
  • Growth & Rebirth
  • Spring/Renewal
  • Green/Sour

Water Element Healing Room

water room 600x268

Water Room has a bio-mat full of turmaline and amethyst healing stones to uplift and ground energy with a negative ion heating element to create greater healing.

Features of Water Element

  • Kidney/Bladder
  • Faith/Fear
  • Storing Energy
  • Winter/Cold
  • Black/Salty

Air Element Healing Room

Air Room 600x268

Air Room has a healing magnate pad to ground and encourage deep rest to lighten the spirit for rejuvenation.

Features of Air Element

  • Lung/Large Intestines
  • Grief/Letting Go
  • Reaping Energy
  • Autumn/Dryness
  • White/Pungent