Spring Equinox – Reminder of the Importance of Balance

Spring Equinox is the day of equal lightness and darkness, the transition between Winter and Spring. This time may challenge us in mind, body, and spirit, as Mother Nature is showing us the importance of balance, embracing the totality of being. I am off to the desert to explore this theme.

In Chinese Medicine, we have just emerged from Winter, or the Water element, which is more internal, a time to recharge our batteries before bursting forth into spring. Spring, or the Wood element, is the exact opposite. An exciting time of new beginnings. It is external: wood grows and expands. Wood is associated with anger and creativity; achieving goals and is out in the world creating.

A health concern at this time is the onslaught of allergies due to nature becoming alive and awake. The allergies we get from dust and pollen lowers the immune system. Most people will get allergies, and then get sick, because the body is compromised.

Acupuncture is very helpful during the transition between seasons. It strengthens the body’s defensive Wei chi energy, the lungs, nose, and throat, which support the immune system to avoid sickness, allergies, insomnia, and stress.

Restart and recalibrate your self-care routine to match nature. Focus on diet, more raw vegetables, and outdoor activities. Hiking in our beautiful mountains is very helpful at this time.

This will support the liver to create balance, which in turn creates good health. That is why it is popular to do juice cleanses and detox diets during the spring. It is a great time for Spring-cleaning. Creating a clean environment will bring in new energy, which is symbiotic with nature’s process.

It’s time to shine, be courageous, enjoy the full moon, lunar eclipse, on March 23, powerful energies of letting go and creating wonderful new beginnings!

Love and blessings!