Healing Process – Wonderworks Healing Arts

On May 7, we will have a Full Supermoon in Scorpio, which intensifies the energy of letting go and surrendering old, preconceived ideas and ways, as we ease into new, creative ways of being. This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on bringing more peace, harmony, and balance into our life, as we honor our healing process with love and compassion.

Wonderworks Healing Arts is open and available to help you through this difficult time of growth and transformation. The healing process is supported with gentle acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in a calm, healing environment laying on crystal tables, using aromatherapy, and sound healing as well. This encourages the healing process to unfold by grounding and balancing body, mind, and spirit. Many people experience easing of stress and tension, improved sleep, increased immunity, and a boost in clarity and vitality.

Remote energy healing sessions via phone are also available to promote health and wellbeing in the safety and comfort of your own home. The benefits are greater connection, centering, and peace. Many people experience greater support and tranquility in their healing process.

Experience the wonders of healing sessions while embracing the totality of being during this Supermoon. I am very grateful to help you and your loved ones and look forward to seeing you soon! Much love and light, Amorah