Archetypical nurse makes an amazing healer

This Sunday, March 12, at 8am we have a Virgo Full Moon at 22 degrees.  This moon is the archetypical nurse and makes an amazing healer. Those touched by this moon need to look after themselves first! If not, they will burn out in their caring roles very quickly if they neglect themselves.

Oh my, I am already feeling the buildup of this full moon energy, insomnia, agitation, and anticipation, as I look at the clock at 2am, realizing I need to get up in a couple of hours.  I had planned on doing early morning meditation for two hours starting at, 5:30, in honor of International Women’s Day, when I realized this was my meditation time! I needed to surrender to the moment and accept what is as Divine Order.

That is the theme of this month’s full moon, surrender, acceptance, and letting go, going with the flow. Of course, as soon as I did, I fell asleep and felt peaceful and calm. I was envisioning the healing sensation of acupuncture as relaxation energy got stirred up and moved through my body, relaxing my body, mind, and spirit.

We are on the precipice of change…time change, seasonal change, attitudinal change. There is a great shift of energy occurring now. In Chinese Medicine the time between seasons is a very vulnerable time for sickness. It is an important time to get a healing tune-up session to boost the  immune system and increase energy. This is where acupuncture and energy healing can help. We need grounding, balancing, and support  as we go through the changes that are occurring in order to open up and transform with greater ease and less growing pains.  

Enjoy the love and light all around us, even in the darkest of night, and remember to daydream, reach out to others, care for yourself, and enjoy the moment!  Much love and many blessings!