Autumn Equinox…Balance & Wellbeing

September 23, 2019, is the Autumn Equinox. This is also known as a time of harvest, a powerful time of creating balance and alignment of what we want to experience. As well as appreciation of how we are now, what we want to become, and letting go of the past. If stuck in past fears and memories, it’s time to let go of the negative and bring the memories of joy and love into the now, knowing all is well. This is an opportunity to consciously be in alignment with trust and faith in perfect timing. This is the time to relax and share, to create balance and harmony.

In Chinese Medicine, the Equinox is represented in the yin/yang sign, where there is equality between the light and the dark with an aspect of each represented in the totality of the whole. The elements of autumn are Air, the organs of lungs and large intestines, the time of harvest, reaping energy by letting go of grief and cultivating gratitude, balance, and rest to lighten the spirit and increase energy and vitality.

As we embrace this new season, acupuncture healing sessions can help restore, relax, and rejuvenate us to increase wellbeing and balance in the body, mind, and spirit. The importance of balance is reflected in our bodies if imbalances occur as a result of excess stress with overthinking, worrying, and/or obsessive behaviors. If you are experiencing anxiety, irritability, grief, depression, constipation, colds, and/or neck and shoulder pains, we can help at Wonderworks Healing Arts.

May we be happy, healthy, and wise this Autumn season and always! I look forward to seeing you soon. Many blessings and much love, Amorah