Autumn Equinox/Full Moon Balance Body, Mind & Spirit

The Autumn Equinox is upon us, the official changing of the seasons is celebrated by honoring the harvest time. This is a timeless tradition of planetary realignment to create balance and harmony among us and within us.  The time to step into our true essence and embrace totality, letting go and equalizing our inner and outer lives to reflect our true nature.  The full moon will help fortify this grand gesture with its super power to motivate and support us during this change to ease the way and help us shine!

In Oriental Medicine, Autumn is represented by the Air Element, which encompasses reaping energy, dryness, lung/large intestines, grief and letting go. The importance of balance is emphasized during this season to create and maintain good health in the body, mind and spirit.

Many people are coming in with sinus issues, stress, headaches, exhaustion and anxiety.  If possible, it is best to seek treatment and build immunity before sickness occurs.  Come into Wonderworks Healing Arts for acupuncture healing to help boost your immune system as a preventative measure against cold and flu season. This action will help to fortify the lungs, increase breath and energy levels, clarity of mind, and calm spirit.

This is a magical time to relax into the change of seasons, let go of the chaos, and enjoy the calm. Change can do us good!  Much love and many blessings, Amorah