Awakening with New Moon Energies

Spring is in the air, joy and wonder everywhere! The new moon on March 6, promises to bring in a calmer, more relaxed energy to help us focus on our desires. This new moon energy brings with it a sense of awakening to our latent potential, which helps transform our ideas into actions creating more freedom, enlightenment, and liberation within to be the change we want to see in the world.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we balance body, mind, and spirit to help create a different perspective and momentum by moving stuck energies of old emotions, resentment, anger, and grief, which can cause physical pains in the body to get our attention. Acupuncture healing is a process that allows the body to let go and drop into deep healing, allowing more balance and revitalizing energy to awaken our body, mind and spirit.

This is also an excellent time to do a cleanse, start a new exercise routine, and go outside and play. We are meant to enjoy and experience our lives to the fullest without self-imposed restrictions by aligning and grounding in gratitude and acceptance of the present moment. It is also very important to have a lot of love, patience, and compassion for ourselves and each other as we transform this Spring. Please call and make an appointment today, I am happy to help with all your healing needs. Much love and many blessings, Amorah