Balance in Love and Relationships

Hello and good day my fellow life travelers! I am delighted to share and connect with all of you!  The theme for this New Moon in Leo, the fiery heart-centered planet, is balance in love and relationships with self and others, which is required in order to create harmony in the world.  Balance within body, mind, and spirit is easily attainable by taking a deep breath, letting go, and focusing on the moment.

In Chinese Medicine, the importance of maintaining balance in the heart meridian is essential to maintain health.  The Heart Meridian is the ruler of all the other organ systems in our body.  Imbalances in the smooth flow of energy, Qi, affects body, mind, and spirit and causes all sorts of distress…negative emotions, insomnia, inflammation and pain.

The first indication of imbalance occurs on the soul/spirit level, then mental state, and eventually the physical body, which usually gets our attention.   Acupuncture is an excellent healing modality to help reestablish and maintain balance.  Meditation, yoga, and diet are essential as well.

The state of our vitality and well-being are reflected in the eyes, “The window to our soul.”  After acupuncture sessions, the eyes are brighter and clearer indicating the healing process has taken place within.

Enjoy the dog-days of summer by committing to self-awareness in order to maintain balance, peace of mind and spirit before the heat gets the best of us.  Until we meet again, keep calm and carry on!