Blue Super Full Moon jump into the unknown of 2018!

It seems a most fitting ending to this past tumultuous year of changes that we have a Blue Super Full Moon on the eve of the New Year as we jump into the promising unknown of 2018!

It’s so important to take a moment to pause and reflect upon what that means to you. What you want to keep and cultivate in the New Year and what you want to let go of. 2018 is an 11 year, bringing spirituality and mastery.

In Chinese Medicine, the Winter Season is ruled by the Kidneys, which is the Water element and the first charka. This is all about grounding, vitality, security, and feelings, especially faith or fear. It is important to ground our energies, to gather a sense of present time and space so one can take action as indicated by one’s heart-mind, intuition, instead of reacting out of past and/or future fears.

During the winter months, it is hibernation time. Time to rest more, stay warm, eat warm foods, and socialize. These actions can help you avoid loneliness, depression, illness, inflammation, and pain in the bones and joints. Acupuncture healing sessions are excellent in cultivating energy to develop a greater body, mind and soul connection. Most people come into the office feeling stressed and overwhelmed by too much stimuli, which burns out their adrenals, Qi, life force energy. By the end of a healing session, people walk out with brighter eyes after having been revitalized with a greater sense of power, wellbeing, and relaxation.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we are happy to help co-create an incredible New Year by helping you with your New Year’s resolutions. Whether that be weight loss, stop smoking, or committing to more self care, we are here for you.

With love and blessings, Amorah