Bring Your Goals and Dreams to Fruition

On Wednesday I woke to the exciting news Dylan Rose was born! My friend and patient, Nicole, called and said the birth was very fast and painful. After months of waiting, she is finally here, what a joyful experience to hold her baby! I feel blessed to part of this miraculous process. Nicole and I bonded during her pregnancy. Acupuncture helped with the healthy development of her baby, and also with her depression, anxiety, and energy.

That is what this full moon, eclipse period brings, powerful energy to help bring our goals and dreams into fruition. I am helping many people this week who are experiencing underlining stress and anxiety. With acupuncture and herbs, they are moving through their healing process into a deeper state of grounding and presence quickly. Energy healing helps to overcome their fear and pain and feel peace with the process of change and rebirth they are going through.

Oriental Medicine helps our transitional process as we go through seasonal changes to create a healthier outcome. We are in Indian Summer, which relates to the stomach meridian, the Earth element. The need to ground and let go of worry is very important to help cultivate a healthier body-mind connection. We are also on the precipitous of the Autumn Equinox. I am seeing many people who are run down and getting sore throats and want to avoid getting sicker. Acupuncture helps with this by balancing the body, and boost the immune system, and uplift the Spirit.

Wonderworks Healing Arts is wonderful healing place to let go of your stress and pain and  support you to feel even happier, joyous and free. I am happy and grateful to help with your growing pains during this exciting time of change!