How can acupuncture help during Hepatitis A outbreak?

The recent outbreak of Hepatitis A in San Diego has lead to 17 deaths to date, 461 infections and 315 hospitalizations. The region’s top public health official said she hasn’t seen any signs of a slowdown in the public health emergency. Public health officials have said that the strain of the virus that is causing the outbreak is commonly passed from person to person rather than through a particular food or drug. The virus is present in people, and unsanitary conditions allowing it to spread.

San Diegans have been asking how they can protect themselves from this potentially fatal disease. We thought it would be helpful to know that acupuncture and Oriental medicine will help! Acupuncture will not cure or cause Hepatitis A, however, it will help to prevent and heal the flu-like symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dark urine, fever, abdominal pain by stimulating the immune system to help the body fight the infection. Oriental medicine formulas help to balance the liver function, clear heat, and support the digestion system. The healing affects of acupuncture release brain chemicals that create deep relaxation and rest to aid in the healing process.

Please call as soon possible to setup your healing appointment at Wonderworks Healing Arts. This is especially important during this seasonal change when our immune system is easily compromised.

We are happy to help! Love and blessings, Amorah