Celebrate Full Strawberry Moon

It’s the start of the new month and new season, we have every reason to celebrate. Life is in full swing, much of the inner work we have been encouraged to engage in is coming to fruition with this Full Strawberry Moon, named for marking the time to pick strawberries. We can take a breath and enjoy the moment. Transformation is happening, relax and play, and feel a sense of completion while moving into a higher state of being, consciousness, and dropping into our hearts. This fiery energy will continue to assist us to evolve into greater love and compassion, something we all need to share and receive!

We are on the precipice of Summer Solstice, the Fire element in Chinese Medicine, which is all about heart-felt action and adventure. Now is the perfect time while we are between seasons to receive acupuncture healing to help stimulate motivation, boost immune system, and help us let go. Letting go is an essential part of creation and a necessary state of being to reap the rewards of our efforts and enjoy the moment.

As a kid, I enjoyed summer vacation, freedom from responsibility, time to play, relax and daydream. Since that time, I realize the importance of balancing work and play and maintaining a child-like innocence is a state of mind. By focusing on the quality of life I desire to live, I feel into the possibility of trust, love, and faith and let go. That is where the healing takes place, in the unknown space between doing and being.

Enjoy this Strawberry Full Moon, by inspiring yourself and others with your yumminess. Dance, laugh, and sing, life is happening now. With love and gratitude, Amorah