Celebrate Greater Freedom & Joy – Wonderworks Healing Arts

This Independence Day, July 4, we will have a full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn, which brings powerful energy of light, love, and happiness further clarifying our need for freedom both personally and globally. How do we find freedom and joy in times of stress and confusion? By pausing, going within and choosing to take our power back, looking at the bigger picture, and being willing to let go and surrender to the unknown. Often we can get stuck in fear and feel hopelessness instead.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we can help you let go of stress and anxiety and ease into a calmer state of being. This transition is possible by taking deep relaxing breaths and grounding. By using gentle acupuncture and energy healing, the sympathetic nervous system, fight, flight and freeze mode, is switched to parasympathetic nervous system, rest, deep relaxation, and healing mode. This allows for balance between body, mind, and spirit to be restored, creating a greater sense of joy and freedom.

Happy holiday! Choose to celebrate everyday with a renewed sense of freedom and gratitude. Much love and light, Amorah