Celebrate Heart-Centered Growth

As we near the end of summer, this full moon encourages us to pause and celebrate all of the heart-centered growth we have been enjoying. It is important to acknowledge our healing as we transition into new endeavors. This transition period can cause some confusion and doubt as to what is happening. This full moon is also a great time to let go of what does not work.

Many people came into their healing session today wondering why they felt out of sorts and so emotional. When I mentioned we are on the verge of a full moon, they said “Oh that explains it!” Just like the tides are affected by the moon, nature has a strong influence on us as well.

When there are disturbances in the emotional field, this has a direct impact on the body-mind connection. The Fire element becomes out of balance, and this affects the Heart and the Small Intestine meridians, energy channels. The Small Intestine meridian is the counterpart to the Heart meridian, and is responsible for protecting the Spirit along with sorting out the pure essence from the impure both physically and psychically. Chinese Medicine helps us keep this in mind that with balance we are connected with the totality of our being.

Instead of burning out of control like the wildfires, acupuncture and herbal formulas supports our healing process by balancing the Fire element in our Heart center and by grounding and nurturing our energies. This helps create peace of mind, benefits sleep, digestion, and elimination. Otherwise we can experience the opposite… headaches, anxiety, heartburn, insomnia, obsession, and constipation.

This full moon reminds us to recommit to our well being and choose to balance the elements in our nature. It is a great time to honor and enjoy ourselves by spontaneously taking a break, letting go of stress, relaxing, and having fun!