Celebrate Transformation

Happy Full Moon!

A wonderful time to celebrate our great efforts of transformation that we’ve been experiencing these last few months. Hopefully your transformations have involved completion, and letting go of fear and embracing greater love, truth, and healing!

During the season of Summer, the Heart meridian energy center is dominant. In Chinese Medicine, the heart functions include blood circulation, as well as housing the mind and spirit, consciousness, thinking, memory, sleep, taste and speech.

It’s so important to establish and maintain balance of the Heart meridian to create good health in body, mind, and spirit. Otherwise disturbances in the mind-body connection can result in insomnia, anxiety, headaches and stomachaches. Regular acupuncture sessions benefit and cultivate Heart energy to feel more peaceful, calm, and centered.

During this time of extreme transformation, remember to focus on self-care as well in order to be of greater service to others. It’s all about LOVE. Instead of focusing on fear, sing, dance, and celebrate! It is a time to ground and anchor new truth, new personal practices, new intentions, new resolutions, new relationships and new ideas. Focus on love, happiness, and joy!