Choose Joy, Let Go of Worry and Suffering

Happy July! Summer is here, vacation is near, happiness abounds! The theme for this full moon is to choose joy, let go of worry and suffering, contemplate healing possibilities and enjoy. In order to create emotional, physical, and spiritual balance it is necessary to establish boundaries.This is essential to coexist peacefully with others. We all need to learn how to get along and not lose ourselves in the process, to flourish in love instead.

In Oriental Medicine, summer is the season of Fire, the Heart meridian, energy center of love. It is also partnered with the Small Intestine meridian, the energy center for separating the pure from the impurities. Just like in nature there is a delicate balance between joy and anxiety. Too much heat can lead to sunstroke, exhaustion, nausea, and headaches. Too little sun and activity can lead to anxiety and depression. The same is true with our interaction with others. We all need quiet time to restore our sense of self and well being in order to be available to play well with others.

This is a wonderful time of growth energy, enjoy the summer heat and remember to hydrate; love one another; and come in for acupuncture healing. We are happy to help! Love and blessings, Amorah