Cultivating Energy of Desire

This new moon in Capricorn is excellent for cultivating energy of desire, inspiration, and passion to make your dreams come true in the New Year!   By focusing on taking the spiritual high road, compassion, kindness, and patience with ourselves and each other, long lasting happiness and good fortune are possible!

We have just entered the Winter season, which is the Water element and the Kidney organ system in Chinese Medicine. The Kidney organ system effects our bones and joints and features the qualities of salty and cold. On the emotional level, we may experience the dichotomy of fear and faith. This is the time of year to slow down, hibernate, collect our energies and contemplate what really matters in our lives.

Balancing body, mind and spirit with self-care, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and meditation as well as plenty of rest, build up our ability to choose between reacting in fear or surrendering to faith. Staying warm and dry, eating warm foods and getting plenty of water and rest will add to our physical well being, vitality, and immune system.

Enjoy this New Moon energy to create the choices and commitments you want for the New Year to make the most of this precious gift of life! I look forward to seeing you soon and helping support you in your efforts to make your dreams come true!