Dig Deep to Reveal Hidden Truths

New moon in Scorpio, my birth sign! This is a powerful, magical, and transformative time of year to dig in and dig deep to reveal hidden truths and desires and get to the heart of the matter. New moons are all about new beginnings, new openings, and new possibilities. This is a wonderful time to embrace heart desires and make dreams come true. By focusing on the positive possibilities, we can lighten up and have an easier time managing difficult times and circumstances.

At Wonderworks the intention is to help people heal and balance their body, mind, and spirit in order to feel greater love and freedom so they can enjoy their life to the fullest. This is done with energy healing and acupuncture, which moves blocked energy that causes pain and suffering by creating energetic openings that allow invigorating life force energy to flow.

Many people find their way into my office because of physical pain and limitations and find their heart and mind opening up as well as by letting go and relaxing into their innate energy flow. They find this a safe environment to go inside and tap into what they want to transform for the better during the healing process.

Oriental Medicine has been around for thousands of years helping people heal body, mind, and spirit. We have been gifted with these healing modalities, and I am grateful to be able to use them to help many people as well. Enjoy this magical new moon Halloween time and have fun trick or treating! See you soon, many blessings and much love!