Embrace Love, Let Go of Fear

It is important to stay grounded and breathe deeply as the energy is building for the intense Blood Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, July 27. This energy will help us create the possibilities of vast emotional transformations, such as letting go of fears and affirming love and commitment in relationships to what we hold dear.  

Acupuncture energy healing will help keep us balanced during this transitional time and realign our emotional and spiritual bodies, as well as resolve pain issues in the body. If you are feeling off balance and stuck with unresolved emotional and spiritual issues, the body will usually get our attention with pain that will prompt us to deal with self care.

During a healing session at Wonderworks Healing Arts, we talk about what you need while laying down on crystal tables for healing and grounding. After the thin, gentle acupuncture needles are inserted, the nervous system switches from fight or flight to deep rest and relaxation.  During this process, the body’s own organic healing chemicals are released from the brain to balance body, mind, and spirit. This is a healing process that helps with insomnia, headaches, stomach issues, and anxiety and much more. This process helps us let go and creates deep peace and love instead.

May you be happy, health and strong as we move along in our healing process.  Lots of love and light, Amorah