Flower Moon/Lunar Eclipse – Wonderworks Healing Arts

With the upcoming Full Moon, also known as a Flower Moon, and Lunar Eclipse on May 5, emotions may be heightened.  Remember to pause, breathe deeply, and let go, this too shall pass. This is a powerful time of transformation. Focus on what makes you happy, embrace the unknown, and go with the flow.  Self-care is paramount during this potentially volatile time.  Stay grounded, get out in nature, play, rest, and get bodywork.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I am here to help you with your healing needs with greater ease by balancing your body, mind, and spirit with gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and herbal medicine.  If you are suffering with allergies, pain, anxiety, insomnia, or digestion issues, acupuncture healing sessions will help you relax and enjoy greater joy, health, and vitality in your life.

Enjoy this powerful Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse energy!  Come in today and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.  I am happy to help!  Love and blessings, Amorah.