Focus on “Being” Instead of “Doing”

As we transition into Fall, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on September 1st, helps motivate us to stay present and focus on “Being” instead of “Doing”. By cultivating our excitement about the changes taking place instead of anxiety, we discover new possibilities. We are also entering a period called Mercury in retrograde for the next three weeks, a perfect time to reorganize and reflect on our lives. But when this planet that rules communication goes backwards, it can also create difficulties and stress in communication and problems with technology. Knowing this is an influence of Mercury retrograde, can help us let go of judgements and frustrations and not get stuck in mental, emotional, physical stress.

Daily stresses can wear us down and create back pain, insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. The constant need to be doing in our society, overstimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This activates the flight-or-fight response, which wears out our adrenal glands, our natural energy source.

Acupuncture stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system instead, by releasing our own organic feel-good brain chemicals and creating a deep state of relaxation. This helps us reset and fill up our energy tank and let go of stress. We become more present and experience more joy instead of suffering, helping our transformation process by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Chinese Medicine and energy healing work can help us move through times of personal and planetary challenges.

I recently saw a new patient who was suffering from stress-related disorders, digestion and elimination issues, who was skeptical that alternative healing would help. After his healing session, he immediately felt better. After a few sessions, his wife called and said “I want to schedule some Wonderworks healing as well!”

Whatever the issue might be, I am happy to help your healing process and help create new healthy possibilities by balancing body, mind, and spirit! Thank you for your referrals, they are very much appreciated! Many blessings and much love!