Full Moon Emotional Healing – Wonderworks Healing Arts

We will be having a Full Harvest Moon in Pisces on Saturday, September 10. This glorious full moon will bring intense energy for helping clear emotional baggage, so we can feel more freedom and flow. Now is the time to let go of old habits, grief, and suffering, and celebrate more love, joy, and abundance.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I can help you feel more freedom and flow with gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and Chinese Medicine. As you lay down in beautiful, private healing rooms on crystal tables, listening to soothing ocean sounds, and feel a cool, gentle breeze, healing takes place. Your nervous system switches from sympathetic mode, which creates stuck energies and dis-ease, to parasympathetic mode, which is deep rest, relaxation, and restoration, allowing the mind-body connection to heal and let go.

Celebrate this time of wonder, come in today for a healing session and experience more health, wealth, and happiness! I am happy to help, much love and gratitude, Amorah