Full Moon Harmony – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The Full Moon in the watery sign of Cancer on January 17, is all about letting go of powerlessness and embracing harmony.  This is especially true in relationships.  Now is the time to forgive so healing, peace, and gratitude can take place. For healing to happen, we need to let go to create space.  Since full moons are charged with high emotional energy, it is vital to stay grounded and focus on self-care.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I am happy to help with your healing process in a safe, serene, healing environment. Using gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and Chinese herbal medicine to balance body, mind, and spirit.  This is an organic healing process that allows stagnant energy causing pain and suffering to move through the body and let go.  Many people are coming in with hip, neck, and backaches, as well as depression, anxiety, and insomnia and leaving feeling lighter with increased mobility.  Most importantly, this is a wonderful opportunity to boost your immune system.

Happy Full Moon blessings! Come in today and experience the wonder of feeling happy, joyous, and free.  Much love and gratitude, Amorah