Full Moon Healing & Blessings – Wonderworks Healing Arts

On Friday, July 23, we will be having a Full Moon in Aquarius. This powerful energy is potentially very healing and uplifting, inspiring us to let go of old perceptions, wounds, and emotions to make room for more light, love, and joy. We are being encouraged to come from love, let go of fear, and take a leap of faith as we embrace new ways of being in trust and harmony.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we can assist you with your healing process. As an intuitive, empathic healer, I tune into your energy field, which helps me help you in a safe, loving, supportive way. This is done using energy healing, gentle acupuncture, and herbal medicine, which allows your body, mind, and spirit to relax and let go of suffering, pain, weight, and grief. As your healing process unfolds, you will feel lighter, more joy, love, and freedom.

Happy Full Moon! Come in today and experience the wonder of balancing body, mind, and soul. Many blessings and much love, Amorah