Full Moon Healing Trauma & Stress

The Full Moon in Taurus will be on November 12, which reflects the shadow side of Scorpio highlighting our inner truths and awakening our desires. This is a wonderful time to let go of grief and express gratitude for our blessings, as well as a powerful opportunity to celebrate our creative nature.

It is a great time to unwind and focus on self-care in order to stay grounded during this potentially volatile full moon by filling our energy tanks with acupuncture healing sessions. Many people come into Wonderworks Healing Arts with the desire to let go of past traumas causing them pain and stress in the moment. Chinese Medicine helps to cultivate energy to help move through stagnation and create vitality, wellbeing, and freedom to live life to the fullest by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Now is the time to experience lightness of being, embrace love and joy, and let go of suffering. I am happy to help in anyway possible in your healing process. Much love and many blessings, Amorah