Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse Healing Energy…Letting Go of Anxiety & Pain

On July 16, we will be having a full moon in Capricorn and a partial lunar eclipse, which will continue to create chaotic energy to intensify our healing process. This energy is amplified with many planets in retrograde as well. The need to stay grounded, conscious, and aware
will help as we look within to heal old emotional wounds. This is a wonderful opportunity to
let go of suffering and open up to greater joy and compassion.

In Chinese Medicine, this is the season of growth and expansion as it relates to the fire element, and the heart meridian. The importance of creating balance between body, mind,
and spirit is essential to cultivate joy and alleviate anxiety. Acupuncture healing sessions help move stagnant energy causing pain and suffering. It will open up the flow of life force for more joy and lightness of being. Eating a diet of cooling foods, especially watermelon and greens, as well as drinking lots of water, will support this transformation process as well.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we can help ease the healing process of accelerated growth and discovery during this month of upheaval. It’s summertime, time to enjoy and lighten up! I look forward to seeing you soon. With love and gratitude, Amorah