Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Transformation – Wonderworks Healing Arts

We are on the precipice of a Full Moon in Taurus and a Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, October 28.  Can you feel the energy building? This is a powerful time of release and surrender, letting go, and trusting the flow. It is important to stay grounded, take walk in nature, take epsom salt baths, and take it easy. As this intense energy of transformation and rebirth takes place to realign our body, mind, and soul, focus on abundance, gratitude, and love for ourselves and all others. Breathe deeply, let go completely. Now is the time to forgive the past for greater inner peace, let go of the future to alleviate stress and anxiety, and stay present to enjoy the moment where anything is possible.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I am happy to help you ground, let go of stress and anxiety, improve sleep and relax during this intense energy by stimulating your own healing process using gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and Chinese herbal medicine.  These ancient healing modalities help to balance your body, mind, and soul by moving stagnant energy thereby increasing happiness, vitality, and wellbeing, as well as improve your immune system.

Come in today and receive a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse healing, you will be happy you did!  Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to lighten up and celebrate your true nature.  Much love and blessings, Amorah.