Give Voice to Your Intentions

The Full Moon energy in Aries this month is a part of our Planetary Qi and contributes to the building of our internal energy. The quality of our diet, exercise, and the air we breathe all influence our energy levels.

In Chinese Medicine, this is the season of the Air element, which is directly associated with the Lung meridian  and the Large Intestine meridian. The Lung system cultivates and regulates respiration and circulation of Prana, our life source. This system is also responsible for promoting the function of air volume, which controls our speech and the strength of our voice. The Large Intestine system is responsible for letting go of what no longer serves us. It is essential that these two systems work together to create balance and harmony in the body-mind connection, as reflected in the rhythm of the inhale and exhale breath.

Along with breath awareness, one of the best ways to cultivate energy, is to meditate. Taking time out, unplugging from electronics, drama, and distraction and just sit with yourself quietly for 15 minutes upon waking and just before sleeping will greatly improve your emotional state of being, clarity of mind, and vitality.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine help cultivate and replenish deficient Lung Qi and Large Intestine Qi from daily stresses to improve the immune system, the elimination system, and the digestion system. These help to maintain good health and enjoyment this season and store energies for a heathy winter season as well.

This Full Moon is known as the Hunter’s moon and is a time of energetic preparation for winter. It is highly energized to help us let go and transform and move us in the direction of greater peace and happiness. Be sure to howl at the full moon and give voice to your intentions!