Go With The Flow as Life Unfolds

The full moon Thursday the 1st of March is power packed with the energy of allowing. This is a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate our intentions and take a deep breath and reassess our values. By letting go and going with the flow as life unfolds, this allows for the possibility of healing our minds and souls in this chaotic world and bringing inner peace. There are great benefits to our health and happiness in letting go of the need to know and the illusion of control. The art of allowing can be quite challenging for those of us who need to know, plan, and control, but opening up to the possibilities of allowing life to happen is a gift.

As an Oriental Medicine Practitioner and energy healer, I know the beauty and magic of allowing the healing process to unfold. There is no way to push or force the body, mind and soul to heal. That is why it works, because Acupuncture is an organic healing process that allows the body to heal itself. By switching from the sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight, to the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxation mode, healing takes place. This allows our adrenals to recharge instead of burn out, which has become our normal operating system. During the remaining few weeks of Winter, it is vital to recharge and cultivate as much energy as possible in the Kidney Element to ensure a healthy Spring.

Acupuncture energy healing sessions help to cultivate the energy needed to heal the imbalances in our body-mind connection. Such as migraines, insomnia, neck and backaches, high blood pressure, etc. from stress, fear and burnout. This creates the space to allow the moment to unfold instead of getting stuck and spinning our wheels. Meditation and diet as well as massage are also highly recommended for healing and self care.

Dive into the mystery and experience the joy of the present moment! I look forward to helping you and your family, friends, and associates at Wonderworks Healing Arts enjoy health, wealth, and happiness as we celebrate this precious gift of life!

Lots of love and blessings, Amorah