Hunter’s Full Moon…Change is in the Air!

The Full Moon on October 13, is called the Hunter’s Moon due to its brilliance and power to invoke change, abundance, and preparation for the future. Now is the time to get out of our comfort zone and rewrite the old, outdated story of suffering and embrace the new desired dreams of positive outcomes. It is possible to transform our health, wealth, and happiness by taking action to create mindful boundaries and being proactive in self-care and love by acknowledging the truth of who we are…magnificent! By tapping into our joy, beauty, and light, we are raising the healing vibration for everyone.

Energy healing and acupuncture sessions help to transform and lighten up our stuck energies causing pain, depression, and weight gain. As well as supporting the healing process by maintaining focus and discipline to manifest your desires of greater freedom and happiness.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we are committed to helping you, your family, and friends live a life of joy, love, and greater wellbeing. Come in today and celebrate this full moon energy of freedom and gratitude! Much love and many blessings, Amorah