Hunter’s Full Moon Create Balance, Peace, and Harmony

Hunter’s Full Moon, October 5, is called that because it is the time of the year to gather our resources and to ground and nurture ourselves, so we are better able to connect with others. This is an essential key to creating balance, peace, and harmony. We must fill up our energy tanks with rest, good nourishment, and plenty of water, as well as taking time out for self reflection. This helps to establish a balance between work and play to create healthy boundaries. It is time to let go of what no longer serves the highest good, to lighten up, and create unity and greater love in our relationships.

Holistic medicine is based on the principal of creating balance between body, mind, and soul. Without this harmony, our entire system is thrown off and dis-ease occurs. We see this reflected in our culture as well. Many people come into Wonderworks Healing Arts when they are feeling off, grief stricken, and full of pain. Acupuncture and energy healing help to create balance between body, mind, and soul by restoring our energy to get back to center.

As an empathic, I feel the energy of others and this can easily throw me off center if I am not present and grounded. It is essential that I focus on self care as well to be able to help others.

I am grateful to be of service, and am constantly reminded of the importance of appreciating the gift of life. I look forward to seeing you soon to help in anyway possible to lift our spirits.

Sending lots of light, love, and blessings, Amorah