Jump into the heart of the matter and live your dream

New Moon energies in Leo are all about jumping into the heart of the matter and being courageous living your dream! It’s time to take heart-centered action and be clear about your intention. Coming from love, acceptance, and compassion promotes self-care and healing for those around us. Excess stress during the summer months causes disharmony in the heart meridian, energy center. This is an excellent time to reflect on balancing body, mind, and spirit and reset wherever necessary to maintain good health and a joyous attitude.

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart Meridian, the Fire element, controls the emotions, and houses the spirit, Shen. During these hot, humid days of summer it is essential to rest and hydrate. Heat in the heart disturbs the spirit and the mind, which affects quality of sleep. Heart Fire flares upward and creates restlessness, irritability, headaches, heart burn, and anxiety. With acupuncture and energy healing, I have been helping a lot of people balance, calm and ground the heart energies.

Have a joyous summer and come in for healing to maintain wellbeing. Many blessings and much love, Amorah.