Acupuncture for Wellness

Wellness Benefits

  • Acupuncture for immune support
  • Acupuncture for stress reduction
  • Acupuncture for relaxation
  • Acupuncture for vitality
  • Acupuncture for balance

Amorah is amazing… She made my cold clear up faster than I thought possible, she has helped me with headaches and when I was totally stressed. She has a beautiful clinic, it is the most relaxing experience you can imagine. Highly recommended!

– Corinna

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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

  • Acupuncture for hormonal balance
  • Acupuncture for reducing inflammation
  • Acupuncture for controlling food cravings
  • Acupuncture for creating healthy life style changes
  • Acupuncture for increasing health and vitality

Acupuncture has helped my weight loss goals and my overall well-being. With acupuncture I was able to quit smoking for one year and not gain any weight! – Susan

Amorah is an amazing healer and acupuncturist. Her office is located in La Jolla  and has such a serene and healing atmosphere. She utilizes sound therapy, essential oils, and each treatment bed has heat and  a mattress of compressed crystals. She is truly gifted at getting in touch with her clients on a deep level.  Her empathic skills and acupuncturist  expertise are so beneficial for healing. I am so fortunate that she is on my insurance plan … I really feel blessed!!! She has helped me with energy, thyroid, and gut health.  Also back pain and hormone balancing. With her treatments I have lost 40 pounds and got my mojo back. Each treatment with Amorah had a profound  impact. She is one in a million!!! – Heidi S.

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Acupuncture for Quitting Smoking, Drug and Alcohol Detox

Acupuncture for Quitting Smoking, Drug and Alcohol Detox

  • Acupuncture for healthier life
  • Acupuncture for protecting health of family and friends from second-hand smoke
  • Acupuncture for alleviating social pressure
  • Acupuncture for reducing stress, irritability, restlessness, anxiety
  • Acupuncture for restoring energy, vitality and longevity
  • Acupuncture for establishing relaxation methods for calm state of being
  • Acupuncture for looking and feeling better

Melissa-PatrunoAcupuncture helped me quit smoking and I can say that I am smoke-free for two weeks now and am excited to have that number grow with each day! I’m always amazed at how Amorah always knows what’s going on with me. She doesn’t let me hide from my feelings but rather she helps you face what’s going on inside you. Whenever I get treatment from Amorah I always feel a deeper sense of peace and well being. I highly recommend Amorah to anyone who is looking to get to know themselves in a deeper way.      – Melissa P.

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Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for Fertility

  • Acupuncture for stress reduction
  • Acupuncture for increasing blood flow to reproductive organs
  • Acupuncture for hormonal balance
  • Acupuncture for creating healthier mother and baby
  • Acupuncture for regulating spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance
  • Acupuncture for increasing energy flow
  • Acupuncture for helping with nausea, aches and pains, anxiety, insomnia and labor

Jen FertilityJen boy

Amorah helped me with my lifelong dream of becoming a mother, and was with me each step of the way, from healing treatments in order to prepare my body for pregnancy, to facilitating the implantation of the embryo, all the way through my *wonderful* pregnancy to the last day before childbirth. My body and mind were in prime condition for the journey because of Amorah. She also helped to turn my baby out of the breech position in order to prepare him for birth. I can’t say enough about the ways in which my baby and I have been positively affected by her treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend it for every stage of the fertility and pregnancy process.  – Jen

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Acupuncture for Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture for Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation

  • Acupuncture for wrinkle reduction
  • Acupuncture for improving facial muscle tone to more youthful firmness and reduce or eliminate sagging areas
  • Acupuncture for reduction or elimination of acne, blemishes and age spots
  • Acupuncture for increasing collagen and elastin production to fill out and contour the face
  • Acupuncture for anti-aging and facilitating a healthy, vibrant glow to the face

Acupuncture put my body and mind in a state of relaxation that I had never experienced before. Amorah has the gift of healing…My face was brighter and firmer. My emotional healing was profound. My mind was set free to completely relax! – Deborah

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Wonderworks Healing Arts
Based on 46 Reviews


3 months ago
Amorah is fantastic. I felt so relaxed and calm after my acupuncture treatment. The rooms are peaceful and serene and it really helped me to move the…

Heidi S.
Heidi S.

a year ago
Amorah is an amazing healer and accupuncturist . Her office is located in La Jolla and has such a serene and healing atmosphere . She utilizes…

Kim R.
Kim R.

a year ago
This was my first acupuncture treatment. I had no idea what to expect. I went in for low back pain as I wanted to stop taking med that would continue to…


Ami Nash
Ami Nash

12 days ago
Best facial spot in San Diego! Jamie is incredibly skilled, and a generous and warm spirit. I have come back here repeatedly even after moving to the east coast. Her products are organic, smell amazing, she takes the time to explain the state of my skin and customize the facial according to my health and skin state. Normally I dread extraction but Jamie made it practically pain free. She also offers a great massage as part of the facial and was so generous giving me a home made lip balm she made at the end of the service. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a facial here!!!

Susan Perry
Susan Perry

15 days ago
A girlfriend surprised me with a massage by Jamie for my birthday and it was divine! She puts so much love and attention into your session. She preps the room, heats the table, and discusses the areas of your body that need attention. She cares about her clients!!

Savannah Burchfiel
Savannah Burchfiel

a month ago
I had the absolute BEST facial here. Jamie seriously worked magic on my skin, and she’s truly one of the most knowledgeable, kind, and caring people I’ve met. I can’t wait to come back for more facials and massages!

randi lockie
randi lockie

8 months ago
I got a massage here this week and it was amazing. I told her my neck and shoulders were causing me pain and she was able to stretch my neck out and work out the knots, which felt amazing. I got the hot rock therapy which felt soothing and relaxing. I also got the aromatherapy add-on, which was wonderful and calming. I love this place.

Anke Hartung
Anke Hartung

7 months ago
If I could give 100 stars, I would! Jamie and her massage suite is my sanctuary! I can come here completely out of power and leave refreshed, happily tired and with the knowledge that I’ve done (or rather Jamie did to my body through her massage) something that my body will thank me for. It’s also not only the massage or facial but also Jamie herself! I am coming to Jamie now since about 5 years and are not planning to change massage places ever! Highly recommend you try it yourself!

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