Loving Ourselves and Each Other

So how is everyone feeling after this intense past month of healing? This full moon is about loving the aspects of ourselves and each other that we consider unlovable and integrating the changes that have taken place in us during this transition. This is an adjustment period of balancing body, mind, and spirit. By tuning inside ourselves and breathing deeply, we are at choice instead of reaction to outside stimulus and old ways of being that no longer serve us. Pausing helps us let go of control and go with the flow by honoring our emotions and moving through them instead of stuffing them in or lashing out.

My relationship dramas are settling down after being stirred up during the month of Leo, the ruler of the heart and Fire element. Thankfully, we have transitioned into an Earth element, Virgo, which potentially will help ground us during this time of transformation between seasons.

In Oriental Medicine, the elements and the seasons have a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. This is a time of transition as we move from summer to fall. It is important to boost our immune system, get plenty of rest, and eat well. Acupuncture is great for helping us boost our immune system and maintain balance of body, mind, and spirit to help us move through this transition period easier.

The Earth element rules the stomach and spleen, which greatly affect our mind and body. When these organ systems are in balance, it is easier to go through transformation and stay in the moment with less stress. When our energy is out of balance, we may experience problems of worry, obsessive thinking, and stomach issues. Acupuncture healing sessions help create balance and switch the mind from sympathetic mode, fight or flight, to parasympathetic healing mode. By remembering to breathe deeply into our belly, we are able to calm our nervous system down, ground ourselves, and connect with the present moment.

As an intuitive empathic, I am very sensitive to other peoples’ energy as well as my own. This gift makes me a wonderful healer, however, it can be overwhelming outside of the healing rooms if I forgot to pause and ground my energies. We are all interconnected and need to remember to send continuous thoughts of wellbeing and love to each other and ourselves.

I am happy and grateful to help and look forward to seeing you soon. Many blessings and love. Amorah.