March Time For Rebirth and Transformation

As I sit in the park enjoying this beautiful March afternoon, I notice life happening around me. Spring is in the air, happiness everywhere, children running to and fro, families gathering for a picnic, the sound of laughter and romance are tangible. Leaves blowing from the trees, hawks circling in a cloudy sky, and life force flowing create a sense of harmony.

March is a time for rebirth and transformation. After months of stuck energies, lightness of being can be felt. The water element of Pisces focuses on the emotional centers of the heart and the will to help dreams come true. The new moon energies and a powerful solar eclipse on Tuesday, March 8, help ignite heart desires and intentions to create a purposeful life. I am humbled by our courage and fortitude to pursue our spirit into form.

Many people I have seen lately in the clinic are recovering from immune deficiency issues and have a renewed sense of gratitude for health once they are feeling better. When sleep is restored and pain is no longer a factor, the joy of doing simple things returns. Taking the dog for a walk, buying groceries making healthier choices, and visiting with a neighbor are profound acts of self-care and love.

Health is under valued until it is in question. I recently got a health scare, which turned out to be nothing to worry about, and realized in that confrontation with my mortality that I haven’t achieved all my dreams, and I no longer want to wait. I am embracing the opportunities that present themselves with faith as I explore living this life.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, balance is key to creating and maintaining a healthy state of body, mind, and spirit. This balance comes from being in harmony with the natural rhythms of the season. So as new life springs up all around you, enjoy the moment and play some more! Work will always be there.

Love & blessings!


bouganvilla tree balboa park