New Beginnings & Balance – New Moon/Fall Equinox – Wonderworks Healing Arts

On September 17 we will be having a New Moon in the Earth sign of Virgo. This is an important time to ground and focus on sending loving energies to Mother Earth and all sentient beings. We are in a state of great transformation, which on the surface can look like great disarray. However, underneath the surface we are birthing a new world full of possibilities. It is vital to embrace our greatness and let go of whatever is bringing us down.

We are also on the precipice of the Autumn Equinox, happening on September 22. This is a powerful time to reset and find inspiration as we transform, equalize, and balance the energies between dark and light. Embracing change, feeling joy and excitement in new beginnings, and letting go of resistance, will help us keep the faith and carry on.

During this powerful transition time, imbalances can occur with many people experiencing anxiety, stress, and unrest. Healing sessions are available to help with your healing process. This occurs in one of the private healing rooms with crystal tables, music, and aromatherapy. During your healing session, I am listening and empathizing with you, as well as intuiting your healing needs using gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and herbal medicine. While you are resting, healing takes place in a deep state of relaxation and balance is restored between the body-mind connection, which awakens vitality and inspiration.

Wonderworks Healing Arts is celebrating change with a new outside healing space, the Patio Room, for additional safety and comfort for those who need it. It is my passion to create safe, beautiful healing sanctuaries to help facilitate transformation by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Happy New Moon, Fall Equinox! I am looking forward to connecting with you soon for in-office or remote healing sessions to help create an easier transition during this exciting time! It’s time to shine! Many blessings and much love, Amorah