New Moon Deep Transformation & Healing – Wonderworks Healing Arts

Today is the Scorpio New Moon and is a wonderful opportunity to dive into the depth of your being and let go of superficial blocks to your happiness by focusing on your inner truth, inner beauty, and inner peace. This deep, transformative energy helps heal old wounds and misconceptions to make room for new beginnings and new possibilities to connect in love and compassion.

If you are suffering from mental, emotional, or physical stress and pain, I can help you with your healing process by balancing body, mind, and spirit at Wonderworks Healing Arts, using gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and Chinese herbal medicine.  This takes place in a safe, nurturing environment, allowing your nervous system to reboot creating space for healing and transformation to take place.

Embrace this New Moon energy with ease and grace, knowing greater good is possible.  I look forward to seeing you soon!  Much love and gratitude, Amorah.