New Moon of Independence

The theme for this New Moon is self love, which is perfect for  Independence Day!  It is very liberating to love and care for oneself whole-heartedly. When we  accept and forgive ourselves, focus on love, and let go of fear, we enter the timeless present and create a lightness of being which is reflected in positive relationships.

Often we do for others to the detriment of our health and happiness, which can also create stress in our body, mind and spirit. As well as cause stress in our relationships. Healing sessions are an excellent way to let go and focus on self healing. This helps create greater love, compassion and patience.

I am committed to the practice of heart healing for myself and others. It’s is a wonderful time for heart healing.  We are in the season of cultivating Heart energy in Chinese Medicine.  Summer is  also related to the Fire element.  But too much Fire can result in symptoms such as excessive anxiety and worry, insomnia, stomach issues and heat stroke. The benefits of acupuncture are great in creating balance in the elements, specially in summer–taming the excess Fire and calming the mind and heart,

Enjoy and have fun creating the life you want!  I will be!   See you after the Holiday.