New Moon-Labor Day Opportunities – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The New Moon in Virgo coincides with Labor Day on September 6. This is the time to plant new seeds for higher learning, higher love, and higher values. We reap what we sow, therefore, why not set the highest intentions, let go, and watch them grow! Open to new ideas, insights, and opportunities.

If you are feeling aches and pains, anxious, confused, stuck, or depressed and need inspiration, I can help you align your body-mind-heart connection to feel greater clarity, grounding, and vitality. At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I have been helping people with their healing process by improving the quality of their lives for the past 20 years using gentle acupuncture, herbal medicine, and energy healing. These ancient healing modalities help you get out of your head and drop into your heart and body to realign and realize your highest good.

Happy New Moon Holiday! Let go of old outdated fears, and embrace new opportunities to experience greater joy, love, and wonder. I look forward to seeing you soon. Much love and gratitude, Amorah