New Moon Light, Love & Joy

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 27 will fall on Diwali, the festival of lights, which is very appropriate at this time of transition. As we enter into Scorpio, the focus is on diving into the depths of our being to connect with our soul, to realign and balance our body, mind, and spirit. This will create greater opportunities to embrace and celebrate our heart’s desire and let go of suffering.

When there is misalignment due to too much work and not enough play, the body, mind, and spirit balance is affected. Causing stress, headaches, high blood pressure, obsessive thinking, insomnia, anxiety, depression, constipation, and eventually pain in the body.

Chinese Medicine can help by addressing, not just the symptoms, but also the root causes by stimulating our own body’s healing process. Herbal formulas, acupuncture, and energy healing restore this balance and revitalize our energy to help us function optionally. By increasing our vital life energy, we begin to feel better in all areas of our life.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, we are committed to helping improve your quality of life and bring in more light, love, and joy. Please let me know how I can help, look forward to seeing you soon. Much love and many blessings, Amorah