New Moon Nurturing Healing Energy – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The New Moon in Cancer on June 28 centers around feelings of security and comfort. It’s
a wonderful opportunity to embrace our emotional connection to safety, home, family, and community. This nurturing energy supports us to let go of grief, fear, and old resentments, disappointments and expectations in order to open to greater love, health, prosperity, and wellbeing.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I support your health and wellbeing in a safe, nurturing, loving environment. I am committed to helping you with your healing process by balancing your body mind and soul using gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and Chinese herbal medicine. These ancient healing modalities support the body-mind connection. Whether you are suffering from emotional, mental, or physical stress, loss, or pain, I can help you let go and embrace the unknown.

Happy New Moon possibilities, set your intentions, and let go. May all beings be happy, joyous, and free. I look forward to seeing you soon. Much love and gratitude, Amorah