Nourish Life – Manifest New Moon Dreams

Having just returned from the Hawaiian Islands Saturday, where I was immersed in nature for 10 days, I am feeling weirdly out of place here. I am reminded to stay focused on the New Moon message of trusting in the process of life and staying positive, while planting new seeds of personal and professional desires and goals. It is a choice of attitude on how I want to experience my life no matter where I am or what the circumstances are. So I took a nap, got on my bike, bought groceries, and am starting to feel at home again. Life is good!

The New Moon is the ideal time to manifest your dreams and desires that you have for the coming month. You can make them big or small, outlandish or easily achievable. The trick is to really feel how you would feel if they came true as you are writing them down and putting energy into your choices. When you are finished, let it go and release it to the Universe, while staying focused on positive, creative possibilities. I am often surprised by unexpected outcomes, what is meant to be, will be.

It is also a very important time to take care of ourselves physically by getting a lot of rest, good food, and exercise. During this time, our bodies are weakest as the moon is brand new. As the moon grows throughout the month towards fullness, our mental and physical energy grows as well. The New Moon is the best time to get acupuncture to nourish life energy. ‘Nourishing life’ is the Chinese practice of preventing disease and promoting health and vitality. This practice will increase energy levels, digestion and immunity!

Happy New Moon manifesting your dreams!