Powerful New Beginnings – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The first new moon of 2021 will be in Capricorn on January 13, heralding new possibilities to explore, and commit to what makes us happy, healthy, and strong. This is a wonderful time as the Capricorn moon encourages us to look within for the strength to carry on and take responsibility for creating a fresh start in this New Year. You can trust the healing process as it unfolds.

Wonderworks Healing Arts is open and setup with a wonderful outside healing space, as well as safe, clean beautiful healing rooms inside to accommodate your needs. This is the perfect time of year to come in to boost your immune system to stay strong during the winter season. As well as commit to New Year’s resolutions, such as weight loss, facial rejuvenation, and preventative health and well being.

During the winter months, it is essential to strengthen our lungs and kidneys for vitality, as well as our bones and joints. This will help us let go of grief, sadness, and fear and focus on faith. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help our body’s natural healing process by balancing body, mind, and spirit to reduce pain, decrease stress, create greater mental clarity, and lift your mood. It is also very important to have fun, get out in nature, eat warm, nurturing soups, drink plenty of water, and get extra sleep.

Now is the time to embrace our brilliance by taking extra care of ourselves and each other, and make all our dreams come true. Happy New Year and new beginnings! Much love and gratitude, Amorah