Powerful New Beginnings

The new moon and partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12, has a strong rebirth energy.  This is a very powerful time to reassess our intentions and make changes to grow accordingly.  Eclipses bring to light our deepest heart and soul desires that need to be awaken or reinvented.  

This can be a very emotional time and the importance of self-care, love, acceptance and patience are essential as change unfolds organically. Going with the flow and allowing ourselves to surrender to the process with help ease this transformation.  

Energy healing and acupuncture are excellent tools to help during this transition period to ground and calm the nervous system, and balance body, mind, and spirit. Many people are coming into Wonderworks Healing Arts with insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and stomach issues, as well as body aches and pains. These are all symptoms of our expanding consciousness, letting more light into our bodies. The need for more rest, meditation, and time in nature, as well as increased water and healthier diet, will help boost energy and wellbeing.

Keep cool and carry on. Life is meant to be fun. Explore the possibilities and let go. Go with the flow and experience more joy, light, and love during this exciting time. With love and gratitude, Amorah