Powerful, Positive, Inspirational New Moon Healing – Wonderworks Healing Arts

The New Moon on Friday, April 1, is in Aries and will be a powerful, positive, and inspirational day to start something new. This energy encourages us to take action to better our lives by embracing our power and fulfilling our dreams. During this time of upheaval, self-care is essential. This is a wonderful time to focus on peace, love and understanding.

At Wonderworks Healing Arts, I can help you with your healing process uncover, discover, and discard anything that is in the way of a fulfilling life. Many people are coming into the office full of fear, stress, and anxiety and leave feeling lighter, stronger, and calmer. This shift occurs using gentle acupuncture, energy healing, and herbal remedies, which balance the body, mind, and spirit. This allows the mind-body connection to occur by shifting from the sympathetic nervous system, fight, flight, or freeze mode, to the parasympathetic nervous system, rest, restore, and healing mode. This is a very powerful, healing modality that works by honoring the healing process from the inside out.

Come in today and experience the wonder of being happy, joyous, and free! Happy New Moon possibilities! Much love and many blessings, Amorah