Renew Health & Healing

The new moon in Scorpio, on November 7, will bring in an abundance of healing energy to help us transcend any limiting beliefs that create stress and unhappiness. This powerful Scorpio energy is all about diving in deep into our hearts for buried wounds that need healing and emerge with renewed passion, forgiveness and self-love. This will help develop our loving kindness, empathy and compassion to create greater love and healing for all.

The healing process is made easier with acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as body, mind, and soul connection is reinforced. Unresolved issues on the mental, emotional, spiritual levels create stuck energy in the body, which creates pain, insomnia, migraines, and lung congestion.

Acupuncture stimulates our own bodies healing chemicals to help move blocked energy to create vitality and health by supplementing the body with the necessary energy to help affect change from the inside out. The healing process creates balance and a sense of lightness, deep relaxation and peace.

Oriental Medicine includes ancient herbal remedies that work to create harmony in the body, mind, and spirit connection to help boost our immune systems, energy levels, and improve digestion, stress and sleep. Lifestyle and nutrition recommendations are also included in healing treatments, as well as energy healing.

We are quite remarkable beings, who need lots of tender loving care. During this powerful new moon, set an intention to create greater well being, balance and love. Many blessings, Amorah